Monotheistic Religion

Islamic Religion

The Islam god Abraham, witch is Allah in Arabic. The Holy Book of Islame is called the Qur'an. Their key beliefs and rituals are the Islamic 5 pillars.

Belief- Allah, and believing in one god (monotheistic).

Prayer- 5 times a day.

Charity- help the people in need

Fasting- don't eat or drink

Pilgrimage- to Mecca, for the Annual Hajj

The Islam pray in a Moque, and their teachers name is Mullah. There are two types of Islam, Sunni and Sluite. They go to a Moque on Fridays to prayer. Some Islamic holidays are Ramadon: where the Islamic people fast (do not eat) and prayer a lot. There's also the Annual Hajj where the Islams pilgrimage to Mecca, to pray and touch and kiss the black stone of the Kaaba. They pray to the Kaaba because Allah (or Abraham) made it. Their Holy City is Jerusalem.