Hardware & Software Flyer

What is Hardware?

Hardware is tools, machinery and equipment that are durable. This means that it lasts. You can physically touch Hardware.

All of these things are hardware & also input.

  • Keyboards (used to input words) if you were making a word document or searching up something, you would use the keyboard to type which words you want to appear on the screen.
  • Mouse (used to select things on the screen) if you wanted to select something on the screen you would use the mouse.
  • Microphones (used to pick up and project sound) you would sing into a microphone to project your voice.
  • Digital cameras (used to digitally take pictures) if you wanted to take a photo you would use a camera.
  • Touch screens (used to select things on screen with your fingers) on a touch screen phone it is quicker and easier to input information than with buttons.
  • Trackballs (used to navigate a cursor on screen and select)

All of these things are hardware & also output.

  • Monitors (used to observe or check)
  • Printers (used to print off documents, pictures etc)
  • Sensors (used to detect physical properties)
  • Central processing units (used to control operations on a computer)
  • Speakers (used to play sounds)
  • Projectors (used to project rays of light)

What is Software?

Software is the programs and operating information used by a computer. For example, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Safari, Instagram and more. You can't physically touch Software. All apps are Software.

What is a program?

A program is a specific set of ordered operations for a computer to perform.

Examples of programs:

  • Microsoft Word (used for creating documents)
  • Internet Explorer (used for research and entertainment)
  • Google Chrome (another version of the Internet Explorer)
  • Safari (Internet Explorer for iOS devices)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (used for creating slideshows)

What is an Operating System?

An Operating System is a low-level software that supports a computer's basic functions, such as scheduling tasks.

Examples of Operating Systems:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • iOS/Apple
  • Linux
  • Ubuntu

What is a Storage Device?

Storage devices are pieces of computer equipment which are used to store information.

  • Examples of Storage Devices:
  • CDs (used to store music/sounds)
  • Memory cards (used to store documents and files so that they can be transferred to another computer)
  • USB sticks (same purpose as memory cards)

Examples of Hardware & Software

Inputs & Outputs

What are they?

Inputs and Outputs are different types of hardware and software that either involve inputting or outputting information from your computer system. For examples of hardware and software, see What is Hardware? and What is Software?