What Career I chose to explore.


Some of the questions people ask me.

1. What career did you choose to explore? Why did you choose this career?

The career that I chose to explore is a family and general practitioner/doctor. I chose this career because I get to help people and I help them get better.

2. What does a person with this job do?

A family doctor can prepare official health documents or recorded, operate on patients to treat conditions, and conduct research to increase knowledge about medical issues.

3. What kind of education would you need to have this job?

You would need doctoral or professional degree.

4. Approximately how much money would you make with this job?

You would make $85.69/hour.

5. How many of these jobs are in the United States?

There are 124,000 Doctor jobs.

6. What is the future for this job? Will it become more or less famous?

It will become more famous because there will be a need about 1,060 new doctors because of retiring.

7. What are jobs that are similar to this one?

Jobs that are similar to a doctor are hospitalists, pharmacists, and a nurse midwives.

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Where can a doctor work instead of in a hospital?

A doctor can work at a clinic, at home, in a different country, and the world heath organization. When doctors work in a different country, they are off of the job they have and fly to the country. The world heath organization helps people who need vaccination.