Marisa Pavan's 321 Introduction

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I'm Marisa Pavan, from Rosario, Argentina

These are the facts you should know about me.
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1. Teaching is my vocation

I've always felt teaching is one of my missions in life.

2. I've got several jobs connected to the English language.

I'm a teacher of English as a second language, I'm a Spanish-English/English-Spanish translator and interpreter, and in January and February I work for an Argentinian firm that takes students from all over my country to London on cultural trips. Therefore, for 2 months I live in a city I love: London.

3. I love my nieces.

One of my free time activities is spending time with them.

From this course I'd like to learn ...

how to be a more motivating teacher.

In general, my students enjoy...

doing activities in which they feel envolved.