How to Write a College Paper

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How to Write a College Paper

Don't over think this! Your thesis is an argument that you back up and support. Since you are finding articles and sources to back up your thesis don't try to pick a thesis that is complicated and elaborate. The more complex and complicated a thesis is then the more research and understanding is required. Much more then what is requiring for the course. Unless you're in your graduate studies, don't stress too much on trying to impress your profess when you're a undergrad.

One article

All you really need is one good, solid peer reviewed article that outlines or at least touches upon the subject thesis you want to use. From here you should go straight to the intro and conclusion. Do not waste your time trying to understand how the how study was made or conducted. From the intro and conclusion pick out the best references that the author uses and grab the article titles at the bibliography at the back. From this one article you should be able to obtain all of your sources of articles. Remember only pick the ones that go with your thesis.

Write it!

The hardest part of writing a paper is starting it. Just start. Sit in front of your computer and type the introduction. Remember back in high school when a paper consists of three parts? There was the introduction, body and conclusion. Well in post secondary education the same still applies. Your intro should be all about your subject. It should offer a brief intro that leads up to your thesis. Your thesis should be one sentence at the end of the introduction. Your body paragraphs should support your thesis in their way. If your thesis is: It is A, because of B and C, then your body paragraphs should be in two sections. One for B, and one for C. Finally the conclusion is basically a reiteration of the introduction except you want to be insightful and offer suggestion to improve your thesis. Always indicate that more research is required!

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