Great Britain

Jonathan, Caleb, Christina, and Ben

What is Imperialism?

Imperialism is the process of extending a nation's power or territory
by establishing economic and political influence in other nations,
i.e., a country taking over a weaker country/territory with the intent
of domination.

5 vocab terms

  • Nationalism - the belief that your national culture is superior to any other.
  • Protectorate - a political unit that depends on another government for
    its protection.
  • Direct rule - a system of government in which a province is controlled
    by the central government.
  • Isolationism - policy of having little to do with the political
    affairs of foreign nations.
  • Expansionism - policy of extending a nation's boundaries.

4 Events

1. Colonial takeover in Southeast Asia began with Great Britain founding a new colony in Singapore. With the recent arrival of steamship, Singapore became a major stopping point for seafare traveling to and from China

2. They colonized Singapore also known as "city of the lion."

3. They were advanced in sea travel

4. They tried to take over Burma

Imperialism: Crash Course World History #35