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Thailand History

Siamese Revolution of 1932

This Revolution was a bloodless mark on Thai History. On 24th of June 1932 the system of government changed from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy. In a constitutional monarchy, the monarch does not have much power because there is a constitution. In an absolute monarchy, the monarch has absolute power. he change in government was brought about by a group of middle-level civilians and military officials. These people were known as Khana Ratsadon” in Thai, known in english as the “People’s Party”. There were the first political party ever formed in Siam. he event was carried out in a nonviolent manner. After stripping the monarch of all political power a constitution was issued. Making the government a constitutional monarchy. The revolution or the Coup d'état ended 700 years of absolute rule of kings over Thai history.
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Siam to Thailand

Land of the Free

On July 20th 1948 the Siamese constituent, which is part of the government assembled a vote to officially change the name of the country Siam to Thailand. The following year the name came into effect. Muang Thai or Thailand means ‘land of the free’. The name had tried to be changed before in 1939 under the fascist military dictatorship of Field Marshal Luang Phibunsongkhram, but the anti-Axis powers refused to accept the new name because Siam had recently allied with the Japanese. Then a Century later they decided to except it making the country today known as Thailand.

Student Riots

The 14 October 1973 uprising will be remembered as one of the darkest periods in Thai political history. It was the Day of Great Sorrow when an uprising by the people brought down a military dictator. Students from Thammasat University gathered at the Democracy Monument protesting the release of their fellow colleagues. Peopled joined them such as workers and the general population. They were all equally frustrated so they all rallied in support. Things came to even worse circumstances when the student leaders who were released were then rearrested. When the army decided to moved in, a massacre began. Students ran for their own lives, many of them were jumping for cover into nearby canals. Some sought refuge in the Royal Palace at Chitlada where the gates were wide opened for the fleeing students. There were several tales of untold heroism at the scene when some students fought back by pushing buses across roads to block tanks. The scene finally ended in 3 months later. over 200,000 people were at the monument in the beginning and only 12,000 remained. What a day to remember

Timeline of Thailand

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Thailand Statistics

Food in Thailand

Big chunks of meat and sea food on top of noodles and rice mixed with veggies is a typical cuisine in Thailand. This is because farmers make up 65% of the population.
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An Average Weekend in Thailand: Written by Panrit "Gor" Daor

On Saturdays, I learn 3 subjects, Science, English and Math at Satree School. The school starts at 8.00 o'clock and finishes at 12.00 o'clock (80 minutes each subject). Then I have lunch and play basketball with my friends at Satree Samutprakarn. After that I go to my old school (Sriwittayapaknam School) to do this homepage. I spend the time to do it for about 3-4 hours and then I will take a rest by playing football or basketball with my friends. Then I go to my friends' house to play on the play station.

On Sundays, I usually go to my grandmother's home to visit her and take my brother back home because he always goes there on Friday evenings. I like to visit my grandmum's house very much. There it feel like my home because I stayed there and she looked after me when I was younger. My grandmum's home is near Yothinpradit temple where I was a novice monk.

This picture shows my grandmum's home. And next door is my great aunt's home and shop.

Sometimes on Sundays I go to "Seacon Square" shopping mall to play bowling, watch movies, play Laser Quest and shopping. In Seacon Square there's a lot of fast food restaurants like K.F.C., Pizza Hut, McDonalds, A&W, Popeye, Chester Grill etc. But I always eat K.F.C. sometimes I eat Pizza.

One day I went to the biggest football stadium in Thailand. It's called "Rajamankala Football Stadium".

I went to the biggest Crocodile Farm in the world.