iRIS @ Balby Carr

How will it work for your department?

How can iRIS best support your department this year ?

Build up a bank of outstanding teaching as evidence of good practice in your area.Support Department meetings with a focus on teaching and learning and the sharing of ideas and teaching tips.Sharing lessons and commenting on each others teaching per term.Track GCSE classes throughout the year to see progress.In house cross department QAV’s via videoed lessons?Specific department training on certain focuses such as pace, differentiation or challenge.Gain ideas from other excellent departments and teachers in Balby Carr.


Bishop Justus OFSTED report (2-3 MAY 2012)

" The school does not stand still and is uncompromising in its approach to improving outcomes for all students. For example, such is the level of motivation that staff voluntarily use ‘IRIS’ (recorded teaching) to review their practice before receiving feedback from students and leaders about areas for improvement "
IRIS Connect - Sharing practice to support teachers