The Sea Of Monsters

Lauren Mleczek


In Percy's dream, Grover is running from the Cyclops and enters a wedding shop. When Percy wakes up he describes a shadow he thought he saw in his window, when he went to school that morning his gym class got invaded by monsters trying to kill him. Until Annabel and Tyson save him. Percy, and Annabel need to save the camp and save Olympus.

The main conflict

Percy and Annabel need to save the tree (Thalia) that protects camp- Half Blood by bringing the Golden Fleece from the Sea of Monsters. They have to save Grover from the Cyclops and make sure Ares is proud of Clarisse.

Main Character

Percy is the main character in the story. Three words to describe him are brace, selfless and trustworthy. The character is motivated by Ares when he comes to visit Percy before setting out his quest. Ares gives him supplies he will need on the journey to save the camp.

Somethings I like about Percy are that he is a very determined kid and takes charge and wont go down without a fight.

The relationship between Percy and Annabel is a strong relationship (friends) they are meant to be enemy's but they work very well together as a team.


The theme of this story is Acceptance and Family Love. One example that supports the theme is when Poseidon claims Tyson as his son. Another example is when Percy's mother is begging him not to go back to camp, she says its not safe. A third example from the book is some plans not always go as planned. A final example that supports the theme is putting the hate behind and helping that one person out when they need it the most.


Teenagers and adults can relate to this novel because the theme is accepting one for who they are and I think that really important in today's society.