Week in a Wink

December 14, 2015

Trimester 1 Discipline Data (August 26-November 23)

Total # of Referrals to the office: 42

Total # of Students who make up the 42 referrals: 24

Top 3 locations of misbehaviors in order: Lunch & Bus (tied), Classroom

Top 2 offenses: Disreputable Conduct and Disrespect

Grade level with highest # of referrals: Kindy (20)

Overall, the total number of referrals have been reduced by 14 comparing last year and this year Trimester 1 data. Last year Trimester 1 data showed we had 56 referrals.

Kindergarten numbers are really high! Seven (7) students make up the 20 referrals.

We have only one (1) student who has had 7+ referrals, one (1) student who has had 4-6 referrals and 22 who have 1-3 referrals.

Again 5th graders are awesome making up only one (1) referral for Trimester 1. There is a definite trend in 5th grade since we've expanded the 5th grade leadership program. It's a part of our culture at Townline- we're seeing the payoff!

We will continue to teach students expected behaviors and reward students who make great choices! Thank you for all of your efforts!


December 14:

Misc. observations and pre-meets

No TL committee meetings

BOE Meeting at 7:00PM

HEA Building Meeting after school

December 15:

RTI 1st grade (Vicki won't be there due to a Powers' IEP at the same time)

Townline Staff Holiday Party at Tavern on 60 at 3:30!!

3 IEPs- check your invites!

December 16:

IEP Consult Week "A" AM only

HPC 8:00-11:00

2nd Grade Planning Time 12:00-3:30

December 17:

Principal "No Office" Day (complete form below)

TL Learning Center Meeting at 8:00

Eagles Chorus Concert at 7:00PM

IEP Consult Week "A" PM only

December 18:

TL Spirit Day (Grade Level Colors)

K- black/white

1- red


3- green

4- yellow

5- blue

10-10:30 a.m./west gym/TL K-5 VHHS A Cappella Chorus

1:15-1:45 p.m./west gym/TL & DL K-2 Sing-a-Long

2:00-2:45 p.m./east gym/ TL & DL 3-5

**5th grade band, orchestra and chorus performs

December 17 Principal "No Office" Day Form

Please complete this three question form to arrange for me to come into your classroom or workspace. I can't sub but use me for small groups, projects, answering phones, handling point of service or whatever. Put me to work!!

Humanex Survey Follow-Up Information

Both the Leadership Team and Lightning Squad are following up on the results of the Humanex Survey. We will spend some time after winter break breaking down those results and getting more feedback from staff about action plans. One of our School Improvement Goals next year will focus on improving our results. We take this survey seriously so please know that as a staff we'll be working together to make life at Team Townline awesome!

PARCC Celebrations!

We'll also spend time as a staff review PARCC results more closely after winter break. A lot of data is still coming in so we'll have that ready to go in January. There's a lot to celebrate! Continue with high expectations and critical thinking, reading and writing!!