The Ogallala Aquifer's Overuse

This ain't gonna happen

The Ogallala aquifer and it's problem.

The Ogallala Aquifer

This Aquifer is an underground waterbed that farmers use. The Ogallala aquifer was used to grow lots of crops and raise some cattle. It is used during droughts. The Ogallala aquifer is used in the areas shown to the right of all the text.

The Problem

The Problem is that in Western Kansas, the Ogallala aquifer is drying up!

Overuse of the aquifer

In western Kansas, the Ogallala Aquifer is drying up. Here's why.


The cause of this problem is by farmers irrigating the aquifer too quickly. A farmer is a person who owns or manages a farm.

Population Growth

Another cause of this problem is that the population growth increasing the demand of more water. It also increases the demand of food.


Because of the drought, it slows down rain recharge.

Effects of overuse

Because of the problem of the Ogallala aquifer drying up, don't use too much water, or else... the great plains will be reverted back into a dessert. The rechargement takes about a century or more, which will be too late, because water and farming get peaked at 2040.

Saving the aquifer

There are dozens of ways to save the aquifer. Here are 2 ways to save the aquifer.

Inventing new stuff

Adding crop rotation and drought resistant crops may help extend the year water and farming peak.


Conserving water by reducing waage by 20% may also help, crops don't need much water.


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