Spongebob TV show evolutions

Find out how spongebob changes

The History and Evolution through Steps

In May 1, 1999, the very first episode of spongebob was made. The episode was named "Help Wanted" and it didn't even have the voices of Spongebob that we know today.

Spongebob's many favorite characters!

Over spongebob's evlotion in his widely popular TV show, there are many characters that join him in his episodes. Here are a few: Sandy Cheeks, Mr.Krabs, Mrs.Puff, Squidward, Lary Lobster, Gary, and of course Spongebob's bestest friend Patrick! Also, Squidward, Mr.Krabs, Patrick, and Spongebob are in every episode.
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The Characters

Mrs. Puff was brought because she is a driving ed teacher to help Spongebob learn how to drive yet he keeps failing test after test after test. Sandy, is a scientist that makes inventions and technology. She lives in a glass tree dome in the sea, in Bikini Bottom. Mr. Krabs is the owner of the Krusty Krab the most popular restaraunt in Bikini Bottom. This is also where Spongebob works his beloved job as a fry cook. Squidward, also works there as a cashier and he hates his life. To him, he thinks that Spongebob is the most annoying. Last but not least, Patrick is Spongebob's best friend who do everything like jellyfishing, camping, and playing games. As you can see, they are many characters that all play important role in the show.


Spongebob is broadcasted on TV through a channel called Nickelodeon. It was first thought and created by a marine biologist and animator named Stephen Hillenburg. This specific show was able to produce around $8 billion dollars for Nickelodeon. It was first shown on TV in 1999 and now, they are still making and coming with new episodes to entertain.
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