Technology in Lineville

By: Mason Schuster

Typing Web

1. I like Typing Web because it helps you learn how to type faster.

2. It also helps you type more accurate

3. Typing Web is also good because it teaches you where all the keys on the keyboard are


1. I liked iTrailer because you can make a trailer about almost anything.

2. In iTrailer i learned how to make a trailer about myself

3. You can add your own videos and pictures in iTrailer

Career Locker

1. In Career Locker it teaches you what kind of jobs you could get when you grow up.

2. I learned that you can be a lot of things when you grow up

3. In career locker you can research almost any job that you can think of.

Haiku Deck

1. Haiku Deck is an online website where you can make presentations/flyers

2. I learned that you can make cool free flyers online.

3. In Haiku Deck it allows you to present anything you want

Explain Everything

1. I learned that you can draw pictures and type presentations in Explain Everything.

2. Explain Everything is an app and you can use it for presentation or just something to draw/ type on.

3. I also learned you can record your voice if you don't want to type

Hour Of Code

1. I learned how to program a flappy bird game in Hour Of Code

2. You can play a fun game called code combat.

3. In Hour Of Code you can play games and learn hot to code at the same time.

Email Etiquette

1. When we did Email Etiquette we had to email a problem to Mrs. Meyers.

2. We also had to redo it sometimes because it might of not made sense .

3. And we also learned that we make a lot of mistakes