Ally Condie

made by: Maiya Ludwick


The Atlanita paper book (with its beautiful new cover!) is out on October 20, 2015.This book is about sisters and mystery and a crumbling underwater city and falling in love.

two book summarise/book talks

Matched and Reached: It is about really cool stuff. Matched talks about you get matched up with some other person. Reached is novel is told from the viewer points of cassia ky and xander that candie insisted on.

facts about Ally

  1. Allyson Braithwaite Condie was born on November 2, 1971 in Cedar City,Utah.
  2. she has written the Mathched and also the crossed and reached
  3. she also made the book called the summer last.
  4. she also made the book The Atlanita
  5. the book called The Atlanita was out on October 20, 2015