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Armors have a long history with battles. In the olden days when the kings had battles, they wore armors to protect themselves from the opponents. Armors in the olden days were made from materials such as iron, copper, zinc etc. these armors were heavy in weight that made hard to manage while fighting a battle. In the modern day armors have been made with many different materials. Eyetac deals in manufacturing and selling of body armors. Our body armors are made with the hard fiber to give the best protection. Our products undergo the ballistic tests before we provide them in the market to our customers.

We manufacture wide range of body armors that are worn for protection. Our products are helmets; we deal with the hard armors, tactical and concealable armors. The features of our products are they are durable and light in weight, the armors are strong and have the bands that are adjustable, and the armors have the highly adjustable band which makes it flexible. The armors come with the front and back pockets with the size of 25x30 cm made from the Hard Armor Plate. It is designed with the combination Bullet Proof Vests, of soft ballistic. Security of our customers is the prior subject while manufacturing the products.

The Tactical Body Armors are specially designed offering to the military personnel and the law enforcement. It provides high protection being light in weight and flexible which does not need to be adjusted while the battles. The tactical body armors have many editions. The armors under the tactical edition are:

· EYETAC Navy Blue Edition

· EYETAC Black Edition

· EYETAC Desert Edition

· EYETAC Woodland Edition

The black edition of the tactical is specially designed for the military. It has features as being light weight, adjustable, flexible and strong. The Navy Blue edition is designed for the navy which is water repellent and is designed for the easy grip straps at the side. The Desert edition is designed for the deserts which has features as having the digital desert camo in the outer and the inner shell. The exterior pockets at the back and the front are made with the hard armor plates. As the name Woodland editions the features of this edition is having the digital woodland camouflage as the outer and the inner shell. All these editions have the common features as being adjustable bands and flexible having the bands that can be adjusted. The Dyneema Body Armor is specially designed to be shot proof. This armor is worn on the chest which protects the chest and the back it is tested and proved to be shot free. Our armors are designed to be comfortable in all the seasons; it provides comfort during the summer seasons as well. We guarantee our products on being the most durable as they have passed the ballistic tests. Our products are designed for best comfort to the people serving the county as the Policemen, Military, Army and Navy.