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February 2016

Notes from Lis: Schedule Your Next Lesson Online!!

Hey there, singing artists! Welcome to StudioLIS StudioNews, the new and official newsletter of StudioLis. As I have told you some new things are on the horizon for us this year and the monthly (or every so often) newsletter is just one of them.

Check out my new Online Scheduling system! I'm super excited to bring you a convenient way to schedule your lesson times. You can schedule with just a few clicks, decide up front if you want to have or not have a pianist present, and plan days, weeks, even months in advance for your voice lessons with no hassle.

I have also reserved Monday nights for consultations. As you know, I am always happy to answer your questions and talk through career issues, but sometimes pinning down specific chat time can be a challenge. Now, you can reserve a 30-minute spot for a phone or Skype appointment on Monday evenings at no cost. That doesn't meant that I am only available on Monday evenings -- just that I am reserving my Monday nights specifically for YOU! Always feel free to reach out at other times via Facebook or text message.

Before I go, I want to say that I haven't forgotten that I promised you a chat with some artists in the business. Things got a little hectic in January, but watch your emails -- something is coming in the next few weeks!

Keep scrolling down for more StudioNews, including a part-time DAYJOB opportunity that recently came across my desk.

Looking forward to our next lesson!

With Love, Lis

Applications are still being accepted for the International Lyric Academy in Italy. I will be there teaching this summer, and it is a great opportunity to get a role under your belt, focus intently on just your voice and your performance for a few weeks, strengthen your Italian, eat some really great food, and make new connections! There will be one more audition in April (not yet announced) here in New York, and you can also audition with a video. Let me know if you are interested in applying and I can help with the application process.

That's right -- a free lesson for YOU!

Refer a friend now through March 31st and earn 1 free lesson when that person completes their first lesson with me. It's that simple!

Support Your Habit with a J.O.B.!!

Hey folks. Man cannot live on song alone. So, while you are still building your career, supplement your singer income with some part time work. You can save the money for your summer program, use it to pay your rent, pay for your voice lessons, audition expenses, invest it in the stock market -- whatever! Having a steady stream of income can only support your bottom line and help you feel more secure as an artist when you go into your auditions knowing that this gig does not dictate your next meal, your happiness, or your long term success. This job came to me through a friend and now I share it with you. If you decide to apply, be sure to address your message to "Alicia Meeks" and mention my name (Lis Stevens).

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