U.S.S Arizona Memorial

(Pearl Harbor)

USS Arizona Memorial

What happend december 7 1941? The first attack on US soil in over 200 years. An attack lead by the japanese. Pearl Harbor was attacked. It was the battle that pused the us into WWII. the memorial is a visual of the hallowed battle. The memorial was constructed in 1962. It sybolizes the brave men that fought that day.

Befor the memorial on dec 7 1941 the japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. This still is one of the most famous battles in us history. The japanese led the attack by air and by submarine. Although the attack only lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes, the attack pused the usa into the war. after the attack people with japanese desent were forced to leave the us coast.

Now anyone can visit the memorial. What is the memorial? It is a visual of the hallowed battle grounds. the U.S.S Arizona is just off the coast of Fords Island Hawii. its floating right over the sunkrn battle ship. the ship still leakes oil today. it was the only one out of the 8 ships thewas not raised out of the water. over 1million people visit the memorial each year.

Designe needed to be made for the memorial. The construction of the memorial. Alfred Preis was the archetec behind it. construction began in 1959 and compleated in 1962. but was not declared a national monument untill 1989. the monument cost $200,000 in 1959. it is acssed only by ferri.

What it sybolizes. To honor the men who were attacked at Pearl Harbor. The memorial is a respectful reminder of the marines and salors who had fallen that day. It is just one of the few sites located around Pearl Harbor. It proves the heroism shown that day.the Uss Arizona is a sybol of American hystory. This is what the uss Arizona memorial truly means.

It was the attack that lead the us into the war. A visual of the past and a sybol of bravery. The remarkable monument was constructed in 1962 by the achetect by the name Alfred Preis. Finally we remember the heroism shown that day with the Uss Arizona memorial.

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