Helen Keller

By Rebekah Williams

Biography of Helen Keller

The crowd roars with applause. Helen Keller has just given an inspiring speech and the audience was touched and loved it. They are on their feet' clapping and cheering. However, Helen Keller can't hear or see a thing.

Helen Adams Keller was born perfectly healthy but became sucks when she was a year and seven months old. Because of the illness, she was left deaf and blind. This was really hard for her and she parents, so they tried to get her help. She met with Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, that's the by that invented the telephone. But he showed her Anne Sullivan. That's the lady that helped her to learn!

Helen Keller learned to spell words using her fingertip alphabet, which is when she taps out words on her hand. Anne Sullivan taught her the word, "water" by pumping water onto one hand and tapping out the letters on the other hand. This was the first word that she has ever learned. She was so smart though and learned 30 words that ready day! In six months. She went from not knowing any words and being really frustrated to knowing 625 words!

Helen learned to speak even though she was deaf, and she went to college. She graduated with honors, "cum laude!" She then went on to help other deaf and blind people. She was inspirational! She gave many speeches and lectures and fought for the rights of blind and blind people. According to her biography on The Helen Keller Birthplace Foundation, "wherever she appeared, she brought new courage to millions of blind people." What an inspiration she was.

Wow, Helen Keller was really awesome and a great person. She helped a lot of disabled people by motivating them and helping to make their lives better.

Hellen Keller blurb

I'm Helen Keller! I became deaf and blind when I was about two years old. However, after many years of being frustrated at not being able to communicate, I overcame my difficulties and was able to spell out words on my hands. Eventually, I got to the point where I could even speak! I gave inspirational speeches to deaf and blind people all over the world. Read my biography to find out more.