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December 2015

Collaborative Teaching and Learning

Science 8 - Product Life Cycles Research

This month, we have continued working with 8th graders in Mr. Martin's science class on Product Life Cycles Research. As one of the largest research projects students will complete in 8th grade, we focus on essential research skills like paraphrasing, evaluating sources, and using tools to cite our sources. To use information ethically, we must give credit to the creator of that information. To do that, we create a bibliography. Online tools like EasyBib make it easy to ensure that our bibliographies are in the correct format.

Because we love to use data to inform our instruction, we also collect results from student work to help us find skills we need to reteach, as well as to plan the unit for next year's 8th graders. One common error students (and many adults) make when citing sources is including a link to the website instead of a bibliographic entry. To address this error, we retaught the skill and gave students a quiz. Based on the quiz results, we found that about 75% of 8th graders can recognize a complete and correct citation vs. just a link to a website.

Can you recognize a complete citation? Which of these is a correct citation for an article from Britannica Online?

A. "Petroluem." Britannica Online.

B. "Petroleum." Britannica School. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 2015. Web. 4 Mar. 2015.


Hour of Code

After playing live-action coding game "Fuzz Family Frenzy" in which students code each other to complete an obstacle course, the Geek the Library Club crew tried out some new coding tools, and shared the work they'd already done during the Hour of Code. Many club members have done some coding before, so it was cool to see them help each other learn new skills, especially in Scratch. There many creative new games being designed.... like "Cool Apple" below.

Creating a Culture of Readers

Book Mobile

One of the ways we support our students love of reading is to make it even easier to check out and return books from the library. On special occasions, we load up a cart with popular books and a laptop, and travel the school with our "book mobile." Students can return books to us there, or check out new ones, all without going into the library!

Iowa Teen Award

Each year, students across Iowa in 7th and 8th grade are invited to participate in the Iowa Teen Award. Created by the Iowa Association of School Librarians, the 15 Iowa Teen Award Books are nominated by students. Students who read at least of the nominees are able to vote for their favorites. Past winners have included I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore and Legend by Marie Lu. This year's list, along with book trailers can be found here!

What are #SEJH students making?

What are SEJH students reading?

In the past month, students have checked out 2,506 books! The most popular categories this month are Fiction, Graphic Novels, and Biographies.

The most popular Fiction titles right now are:

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