Allie Rattray


Ever since I can remember I have loved basketball. My dad got me into it by signing me up for a league at the rec center without my opinion. I was in the 4th grade, I was small short and not very coordinated when attemping layups. I had thought about playing but never fully decided. I guess I should have gave myself more credit because I wasn't as bad as the other girls for a beginer.

Point Guard

From 4th grade on I have always been a point guard. The reason I am point guard is that I am short and small, and no coach would put me as center(the person guarding the hoop) or atleast I hope. Like one time when we played another middle school they figured since I was short that they could throw the ball over my head. Which worked a couple times but they didn't realized that  I could jump high. I personally like being point guard but it is a lot harder than people would think. So basically when someone from the other team is dribbling down the court you have to stop or trap them. It does get very tiring sometimes, you just run up and down the court hunting the ball down, or until the other team scores or we steal the ball.  But over all I think that I am a very good point guard. 
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Offense can be very hard because you have to know when to pass, shoot, or steal. When a team leaves a whole side of their half of the court you know you should take advantage of it, which has happened before. So you have to think of some thing fast like fake a dribble left and go in for a layup on the right, which got them everytime. As a point guard you have to be good at layups and shooting, which didn't come my way when I was younger. But I learned and now I'm a pro. You almost can't be greedy, which I am not because if I make a mistake I fell that should have either passed the ball to a team mate or done something else with it. Me personally I would get tired of never getting the ball passed to you, so I feel that I should throw it around a couple times before I shoot.
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Present Day

I think that I am a pretty good basketball player besides the fack that  I am small and short. I try to be the best player I can be because most coaches are looking for tall and good kids. My dad always tells me to stay positive and any mistake you make in a game you can make it up by doing something good. Back then I thought that I wouldn't like basketball, but I realized that I would have never enjoyed basketball if my dad hadn't signed me up. Some things happen for a reason whether you like it or not and sometimes we just have to deal with it.