The Atmosphere

By: Adeley Dellinger

Question #1

Explain how abiotic and biotic factors interact to create the various biomes in North Carolina.

- They interact with north Carolina to create the different kind of environments that it has. We have large habitats filled with all kinds of living things. Most of them are not related unless they are family. We have abiotic and biotic traits in North Carolina.

Vocabulary #1

-Biome: Avery large community of fauna and flora which takes up a big habitat.

-Abiotic: Something that is not from living organisms; more biological than physical.

-Biotic: Something that comes from living things with their relations.

-Latitude: This distance of a place north and south of the equator.

-Vegetation: Plants that are found in a specific habitat; area.

-Deciduous: When a tree/plant sheds its leaves regularly.

-Coniferous: A part of trees where they give cones and evergreen leaves.

Question #2

Explain why biodiversity is important in the Biosphere.

- Biodiversity is when a living thing stays in a specific habitat. This is important because you should not try to go into some other habitat that you are not ready for. For example if a fish were to come out of water that would not be god because they need water to survive. Just like we oxygen to survive.

Vocabulary #2

-Biosphere: A layer in the atmosphere where living organisms live.

-Biodiversity: The very wide range of living things on earth that live in a specific area.

-Food web: A chain showing what organisms eat.

-Carnivore: An animal that eats meat.

-Non-native species: Something that is new to the habitat and has to learn to adapt.

-Monoculture: a place where one single crop grows.

Question #3

Explain how human activities impact the biosphere.

-Human activities can the change the biosphere. It could make it a whole lot worse by global warming and taking down trees by building. We can also make it better by doing something good for the environment. Our activities has changed the biosphere to adapt to human activities.

Vocabulary #3

-Invertebrate: An animal that has no backbone.

-Human impact: When humans have an impact on specific things.