Isabella D' Este

Queen Of The Renaissance


~She was born On May 18, 1474

~At age 6 Isabella played the lute and spoke Greek and Latin

~Her family ruled Ferrara and Modena

~Isabella d'Este Died In 1539

~She attended The Dinner Party


~Founded a school for young women

~She was a Skilled negotiator and keenly aware of political motives

~A patron of the arts and music

~Titian, Andrea Mantegna, Raphael, And Leonardo Da Vinci drew a famous portrait of her

~Was one of the few women that broke the chain that bound her to social rules of the day and made a name for themselves

Patron~Someone Who supports the Arts

Impact On Today

~Believed Woman and Men should be educated and trained to appreciate the arts

~Made Mantua an important city

~She was painted by many famous artists

Interesting Facts

~She received a full education when normally only boys do

~Since she displayed many talents her cousin called her La Prima Donna del Mondo (First Lady of the World)

~Married Prince Francesco Gonzaga

~She married him at age 16

~Her husband was captured by the french

~Titian Painted 2 Portraits of her

~She was known as Queen Of the Renaissance

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