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A Few Notes From The Editor: Mrs. Scheperle

-This flyer will serve for this week and next.

-Thank you for working on your child's Tom Turkey project. These turned out so cute!

-I will be completing some assessments this week for our mid-term grades and for reading. Guided reading books will not come home. I will not be sending Guided Reading books home over Thanksgiving break.

-Don't forget that tomorrow, Wed, Nov. 18th is our early release day. Students will dismiss at 1:30. If their transportation after school is different than normal please let me or the office know.

-Friday is Mickey Mouse day! Wear something with Mickey on it or something Disney related to help us celebrate Walt Disney's birthday!

-Thanksgiving break will be Nov. 25, 26, and 27.

That's it for now!

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Have a SUPER week!

Mrs. S.

Homework: Help your child practice writing their name with one capital letter and the rest lowercase

In Other News

Reading: We will continue to discuss the strategy of questioning as we read. We use the strategy of questioning when we wonder about the story. It helps us use our deeper thinking skills.

Phonics: We will focus on the letters Yy and Zz. These are our last focus letters!! We will be doing letter review then beginning and ending sounds after that.

Writing: We continue to work on writing about one small moment in time. This helps us narrow our stories down to specific moments. Ask your child about a watermelon story compared to a seed story!

Math: We will continue to focus on the numbers 11-20.

Science/Social Studies: This week and next week we will focus on the Pilgrims. We will discuss why they left England, the items they brought with them to America, and the hardships they faced. We will also focus on Native Americans. We will discuss how they helped the Pilgrims and a few of their customs.

Upcoming Events

Nothing at this time!

Items Needed (if you are able to donate)

We really need snacks if you are able to help out! :)