Come visit Cairo and see pyramids from when pharaohs ruled!

You gotta see this! You can do anything from touring pyramids, decoding hieroglyphics, surfing awesome beaches, and even eating bugs! Come and do something you and the whole family would want to do.


Most Egyptians speak Arabic, though its not the native language of their country. bet don't think you need to know Arabic to go there you can also know English!!!:). You may not understand the guy next to but you wouldn't be a odd one out. We all know what you want to learn about language the hieroglyphics so watch the video below.
Egyptian Hieroglyphics

cairos cuisines

In Cairo, we have 5 meals a day. To start, fatafeer, a pancake with fresh fruits, a cream toppings and bean paste. next on the menu is a snack, many like to snack on lib, a mixture of assorted nuts common to Egyptians. After that, is lunch. Cairo kabobs are very popular! with a wide variety from lamb, to even bugs!! (gross!) Dinner follows, with lamb, bread or pasta, the choices are endless! And to top it off, a Pharaohs favorite, dessert!! pudding is the most common form of desert, with many flavors!


As most of Egypt is located in the Sahara desert, the climate is very hot and dry. but you may mot know but the weather is like Texas when its hot ( inst that every day ). average high and low is high:102 low:82.


Most people think of the sphinx, and the great pyramids of Giza when they think about Egypt. However, I bet you didn't know about the amazing beach! or see whats going on in the city that resembles new york think of it a new york in egypt just sounds cool. But don't think thats all just come and relax in a resort by the beach.


The Pyramids are one of the great wonders of the world! But how many know the history behind it? The grate pharaoh Giza he wanted the biggest tomb so he got it it is one of the great wonders of the world because imagine lifting blocks over two tons up at least a mile high but not only that but over two million of them in blistering heat also sphinx or cleoparta's tomb!!!

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Love sight seeing? Egypt holds one of the 7 great wonders of the world, the pyramids of Giza! many people have come to witness these great pyramids that were engineered thousands of years ago without any technology! come experience the mystery. also, you might like to see the great Cleopatra's tomb!!!


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