Lilli's Quest

Written by Lila Perl

Character Sketch

Allison Stuppi

Mrs. Butler


18 March 2016



I can picture Lilli looking...

  • short
  • skinny
  • brown hair and green eyes
  • pale skin
  • Lilli is the main character of the book Lilli's Quest. The picture above is exactly how I picture Lilli to look: short and skinny with brown hair, green eyes and pale skin. I can see her as a small, thin girl because in the book it seems like she has a very healthy diet and she is quite young so she probably isn't too tall yet. I can imagine her having pale skin because she lives up north in Germany, so there isn't much sun. That is how I picture Lilli.
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I can see Lilli acting...

  • kind
  • shy and timid
  • caring
  • curious

I can see Lilli acting kind, shy, timid, caring, generous, and curious. First of all, I can see her acting kind and caring because in the book she is always very affectionate towards her sister and doesn't get frustrated with her. Lilli seems like the type of girl to enjoy playing with dolls, as well. I also picture Lilli acting nervous and shy because so far in the book she hasn't really spoken much and always seems very apprehensive. Lastly, I think she acts somewhat curious mostly since she eavesdrops on her parents' conversations and always wonders about her father ever since he SS took him away. All in all, I would say Lilli acts like a typical, young girl growing up in Germany in the 1930s-40s.


I imagine Lilli being very intelligent. So far in the book, she seems very bright and likes to learn. I can tell that she likes to read and learn history from her father. Lilli always seems intrigued when she is being taught by her father or her tutor. She also thinks about others before herself, which goes along with her kindness. As one can see, Lilli is very smart, kind, well-rounded kid.