Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Jacob Green * Mrs. Thornell * AP English* 4-22-14

"American National Biography Online: Miller, Arthur." American National Biography Online: Miller, Arthur. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Apr. 2014.

This website is about Arthur Miller, and his life to becoming a famous Author himself. It starts off by telling the reader where he was born and raised, and by whom he was raised. It then tells of his childhood memories, and the lifestyle that he grew up in. Further going into his high school years, and explaining how he found his interest in literature is senior year. He applied to the University of Michigan only to be denied do to his mediocre high school record. Arthur then took on a series of small jobs, and never stopped trying to join the University, finally being excepted in 1934. This link tells about Arthur Millers life and his many accomplishments, starting at the University of Michigan.

"Joseph R. McCarthy." A&E Television Networks, n.d. Web. 17 Apr. 2014.

On this site, McCarthyism is explained of how it came to be about. Joseph McCarthy was the senator of Wisconsin during the time of the Cold War. During the Cold War there was this fear of the spread of communism known as "The Red Scare." This site explains what the red scare was, and what affects it had on the American people such as McCarthyism. McCarthyism was when the senator Joseph McCarthy began to attack and make accusations towards anyone that was against him, spoke out against the government, or did not agree with the government. Due to this many people that were in fact not communist, were accused and jailed by Joseph McCarthy. This sit explains the reasons of Joseph McCarthy, The Red Scare, The Cold War, and McCarthyism very well.

"Salem Witch Trials." Salem Witch Trials. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Apr. 2014.

On this site, the Salem Witch Craft trails are explained. On March 1, 1692 two girls fells into trances and had unexplained seizures that dazzled doctors, there only thought to what caused this was Witch Craft. At the time, witch craft was something that was believed in by many people. Three young girls were brought in on accusations of practicing With Craft and were either sent to prison or killed without trail or proof of practicing witch craft. Over 150 men and women filled prisons on the act of practicing witch craft. Many were either hanged, crushed to death, beaten to death, or prison ed for their whole life. The Salem Witch Craft trails were very uncalled for and the men and women that were convicted were not trailed fairly.

Schroeder, Rosalyn. "Wrongfully Suspected: The Modern Witch Hunt and the Perpetuation of Violence." The Huffington Post., 01 May 2013. Web. 20 Apr. 2014.

In this article about a modern day witch hunt, a young Muslim honor student at Brown University was killed after their picture was displayed on a media site following the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon one year ago. The main goal of this article is to write and tell about the modern day witch hunt towards Muslims when a time of terror comes to the United States and how non-Muslims are not pointed out at all. During the aftermath of the Boston marathon incident many Muslims were pointed out to be the cause of the it. When in fact a White, U.S. army vet. was behind it all to begin with. The site is to explain the reasoning of many Muslin people being hunted down and accused when a time of terror comes to this nation.

"The Cold War Museum." Cold War Museum. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Apr. 2014.

This site covers a lot of topics that have to deal with the Crucible, such as McCarthyism, Witch Trails, and Joseph McCarthy. It first starts off by telling about where and when Joseph McCarthy was born and raised. Then going into to tell about how he dropped out of grade school at age 14 only to come back and go to Marquette University. It goes on to talk about how he always played dirty to win his elections. Switched sides back and forth, and that is what foreshadowed his downfall of McCarthyism. He then joined the army in WW2 and became a marine, after that he ran for Senate in the state of Wisconsin. He beat his opponent by using propaganda and false accusations about him. The site goes on to talk about the Cold War, what McCarthy s outlook of the Red Scare was, and what lead to the rise of McCarthyism .

"The UnMuseum - Salem Witch Trials - Part I." The UnMuseum - Salem Witch Trials - Part I. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Apr. 2014.

On this site the Salem Witch Trials would be explained fully. Two young girls became sick, and started having seizures in which know one had ever seen before, there only thought would be that evil has entered their bodies, meaning there were witches among them. When really it was just seizures, and a real illness that both the girls had. Before the trails would be over 19 people would be hanged, 4 would die in jail, and 1 would be tortured to death. The site covers why the Salem Witch trails came about to happen, the reasons for the belief in witches, and how much embarrassment the state of Massachusetts still has today over the incident.

"Women Tortured and Killed in Gruesome Modern-day Witch Hunts." N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Apr. 2014.

On this site an Indian woman names Devi, was beaten to death after being branded a witch by here fellow villagers. She was the head woman of the village, but after two of her neighbors became ill, and she was asked to heal them and could not, she was branded a witch and beaten to death by bamboo sticks, and metal rods. Along with Devi, many other Indian women are being accused of being witches. A 30 year old woman, was branded a witch, tied to a electricity pole, and tortured with hot tongs. The Rajasthan women and child development department has enforced a new law, stating that any one who brands a woman a witch is to be held accountable and will be sentenced to prison. Also if a women is branded a witch, and then commits suicide, the accusers of branding her a witch will be sentenced to non the less of 5 years. The basic reason for this article is to explain what is happening to Indian women today and the modern witch hunt they live to date, and the steps the Indian government is taking to help eliminate the problem.