Welcome to Byzantium

By: Christy May

Byzantium a wonderful place

The Byzantine Empire is located in Constantinople, east of the Mediterranean Sea. After the fall of Rome Constantine moved the Capital to Byzantium and renamed the city Constantinople. In Byzantium, a new emperor named Justinian ruled in 527. Byzantium is a wonderful place to settle after all the stress of the fall of Rome.

Constrobutions of Byzantium


Byzantine Art was one of the most famous contributions of this time. Compared to Roman art, Byzantium art had lots of mosaics. They also weren't life like compared to the Roman art. Byzantine art was 2 dimensional.

Another contribution of Byzantine is Justinian's Law Code. This law code was made up of Roman laws and other rules. Also this law code went for everyone, the rich and the poor.

Here in Byzantium we have the Christian Church, The Hagia Sofia. It is most famous for the largest dome in Byzantium. Also, another famous building called the Hippo Drone. It holds gladiatorial games and seats 70,000 people!