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BoT: What's a VIDEO worth?
What's a video worth? Video is the most powerful form of mass communication. The above video takes a deeper look at how video has changed the way we experience the Internet and the world we live in.

Visual Resources

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Based off of research from SEOmoz (a service we use) this infographic attempts to help answer questions many have about the cost of search engine optimization.

What Works for Social Sharing

Using the data from over 200 companies' social sharing statistics, Compendium's goal was to help social marketers answer not only the question of what to share, but how and when to say it.

Is Google+ a Ghost Town?

Comparing Google+ to other key social networks, the creator of this infographic (Umpf) was out to find the answer to the question is " Google+, the newest trend? Or latest flop?"

Informational Articles

20 LinkedIn Tips for B2B Social Media Success

Great list of tips for both personal and company LinkedIn pages. Each tip links back to the original sources, so plenty of knowledge can be gained for this article.

A New Twist on Content

Creating a campaign that entices the audience to share rather than asks the audience to buy is a hard task. Oreo has achieved this for their 100th anniversary. Check it out!

Pew Research Finds 22 Percent of Adults in US Own Tablet

Some great information from a press release by the Pew Research Center on tablet ownership by brand.

10 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business

Not sure how much we can take advantage of Instagram, but check out these ways other businesses are capitalizing on this visual social media service.

Subliminal Flickering Extends TV Ads to Your Phone

Interactive TV may be closer than we think. Fujitsu has created a new subliminal transmission technology that will offer additional information about a show or product when the viewer points their phone at the screen.

Apple Suppliers Begin Producing Smaller Version of iPad

Although the iPhone 5 was just released, the rumor mill is already starting on Apple's next big product. The WSJ is reporting that Apple suppliers are beginning production on the "iPad mini."

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