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2017 - 2018 Fourth Grade Weekly News

Kiddos, It's Cold Outside

I could get used to this warmer November/December weather. I know the kids have been loving the outdoor times and grateful for a mix up occasionally.

I hope you have all heard about our newest classmate! Miss Baylee joined our crew this week and she has been the perfect addition! Everyone has been eager to meet her and she has been so gracious meeting everyone and attempting to learn all of our names and quirks. Baylee has a younger sister in first and an older sister in sixth. I hope you all get a chance to meet this sweet family and welcome them to our beautiful community.

In math, we are working diligently on our fractions and we stretched into decimals this past week. This is by far the toughest unit we have learned as a whole. It is hard to grasp those little numbers - literally. We are working on building our confidence still, but our skills are growing daily. Visualizing decimals and fractions is the key. Any practice outside of school will greatly benefit everyone!

In reading, we are working on summarizing non-fiction. In class, we know we have talked about summarizing for a few years. In fourth grade, we are taking this a step deeper and working on selecting the most important pieces of the article and putting those thoughts into our own words. It's challenging, but so rewarding when we finally get it!

In science, we are working on our designs for our vehicles. We played around with using rubber bands as our energy source. We used fixed axels and free-moving axels and we played with different directions and speeds we could recreate.

Coming up next!

  • Math: We continue on with fractions and decimals! We will test later this week.

  • Reading: We practice using our summarizing skills and move into our research clubs.

  • Science: We will continue building in our Motion and Design unit and work with speed.

  • Writing: We will finalize our thesis statements and select reasons to support our claims and opinions.

Designing Vehicles with Requirements

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Learning Mean, Median, Mode and Range with our Vehicles' Data

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Special's Schedule

  • Monday: STEM
  • Tuesday: Music
  • Wednesday: Art
  • Thursday: Wellness **bring/wear tennis shoes
  • Friday: Library

Upcoming Dates!

December 14th - Boone Meadow Voices concert in the BME cafe at 7:00 PM

December 25th-January 5th - School closed for winter break