Basic information and Travel Destination Highlights

Basic Facts

Belize is known for it's tropical rain forests and beautiful sandy beaches because its east to the Caribbean ocean. This wonderful country is also known for the second biggest coral reef in the world, the Belize Barrier reef. Belize is located by the north to Mexico and to the south and west by Guatemala, its in the North-eastern coast of Central America. There are many famous treacherous caves and the ruins of ancient Mayan civilizations. This small country has a population of about 240,000 so about 1/3 of the people make their living from some kind of agriculture.

(coordinates: 17.5 N, 88.5 W)


Had a busy day? Need time to unwind? Ziplining through the forest... or maybe a relaxing day on warm sunny beach, before your friend brings back pictures of a cute sea turtle in the coral reef. Scuba diving or Kayaking? You just can decide! Come to Belize and enjoy a fun-filled vacation for everyone. Everybody needs time to escape from the busy working world, and Belize is perfect, especially if you want to vacation on a budget!

Popular activities

The Best place to explore the beautiful tropical rainforests of Belize would be Ixpanpajul National Park. Scuba diving and Snorkeling is best in the Belize Barrier Reef/The Great Blue Hole. And Mayan ruins are famous at Tikal National park.
  • hiking in the rain forest
  • bird watching
  • boating/kayaking
  • scuba diving or snorkeling in the Belize barrier reef
  • fishing
  • skydiving
  • horse riding
  • cave tubing
  • visiting ancient mayan ruins
  • ziplining



Even during the warmer months, the weather doesn't go below 20 degrees.

Rain forests

More than half of Belize is still covered with vegetation and much of it is tropical rain forest. Belizean rain forests are very diverse and are very important for sustaining the rich biodiversity of Belize.

Animals from the south of the rain forest include:

  • anteaters
  • possums
  • primates and different monkeys
  • and many rodents such ad the paca or agouti

Animals from the North include
  • pumas
  • raccoons
  • deer
  • peccaries
  • and squirrels

There are over 130 species of mammals in Belize, some of which are under threat in neighboring countries where forests have disappeared.



Food in Belize is a mix of all cultures in Belize. It is similar to a Mexican or Central American cuisine and a Jamaican or Anglo-Caribbean cuisine.
  • Breakfast: bread, flour tortillas, or fry jacks (eaten with cheeses,fried beans, eggs or cereal), coffee, or tea.

  • Midday: vary, from lighter foods (rice and beans, maybe coconut milk, tamales, "panades" (fried maize shells with beans or fish), and meat pies, escabeche (onion soup), garnaches (fried tortillas with beans, cheese, and sauce) to dinners (rice and beans, meat, salad or coleslaw)

Meals in Belize vary, rural areas eat more simple meals that the urban areas. Fruits are local in Belize therefore are cheaper and more widely available, raw vegetables less so. Most of the food is eaten locally, but Belize also exports food. The main export crops are bananas, sugar cane and citrus fruits.


Official languages


Recognised regional languages:

8 languages

· Kriol

· Spanish

· Garifuna

· Maya (Kek'Chi)

· Maya (Mopan)

· Maya (Yucatec)

· Plautdietsch

· Cantonese

Ethnic groups(2010)

· 50.0% Mestizo

· 21.0% Kriol

· 10.0% Mayan

· 6.0% multiethnic

· 4.5% Garinago

· 3.6% German (Mennonite)

· 2.1% East Indians

· 1.9% others

Common introductory phrases:

  • Maanin! (“Good morning!”)

  • Weh di go aan? ("What is going on?")
  • Hey Bali! ("Hi Buddy!")`