Confederate Satates of America

Preston Olp and Tyler Stonebrook 8th hour


We found that the root of the split into the Confederate states was because of the outlaw on slavery/being deprived of there rights and feeling like the smaller guy being pushed in which 7 Southeastern states did not agree with in November of 1860. On the date of April 12, 1861, 4 more Southeastern states joined in the ranks making it an 11 state rebellion, in the end the Confederate states were trying to become a country of their own. This big "rebellion" ended in the Union states defeated the Confederacy in the Civil War.


The Confederate States of America was a break away by the Southeastern states that killed many people and also lost a lot of money due to buying supplies like uniforms and guns. This break away started with 7 states on November of 1860. The states were Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas. Now on April 12, 1861, 4 more states joined in the "rebellion" and fought in the civil war. Those 4 states were Arkansas, North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. This act started the Civil War.

Below the RED states are the Confederate States of America.

Effect on America then

  • Lost money
  • Hurt slaves/people
  • Loss of men
  • Went into a Civil War
  • Unprepared slavery

Our reaction

Our first reaction to this ordeal was "WHY?". But, as we thought about the smaller details we found that breaking away was not the BIG issue even though is was a very good sized issue. We found that the biggest issue was when the Confederates fired on Fort Sumter because that is when all of the big problems came into play like the Civil War. We still found the whole idea kind of dumb because they killed so many people and wasted a lot of money. We also realize they didn't know they would do all of that before hand but, really? This is called the land of free not the land of the slaves and that is for the reason that we don't have slaves and if we did this would be an ongoing issue having slaves cross this boarder so even in this time period it would have caused issues. But, we can also see where the Confederate states felt deprived of their rights.

Political issue

We found this to be a political issue because the Confederate states felt like they were not given proper rights by the gov't. They broke away because they felt the Northern states were given more rights favoring them so they wanted there own gov't that was equal to them. This did not work because of course the Union solders defeated the idea by a war that they had won.