improper and proper use

some of the ways this can be used properly is if you are in a lot of pain the doctor will give you some in a perception a that will Make sure you use it in a good way. But it can be used in a wrong way just because some one is so addicted to the and nt go without or they will go into with drawl but this all starts from improper use!

Narcotic effects


narcotics will effect your nervous system by making you feel nothing or almost nothing and sleepy aka stoned. which can help and may also be bad if used in improper or illegal way. Also this can put you in the emergency room and even kill you. But it can make you make bad decisions. some other effects are these can make you feel like your no where and you forget everything some people actually allot of people get serious addictions. Even without a addictive personality it's just that the feeling of getting stoned is so addicting like drakes new album


obviously some people get narcotics illegaly so people will try to kill you with weapons and they could beat you. Its not just that it's bad for you it's a black market buisness and there gonna get there money from you one way or another so unless you plan on losing all your money getting killed or injured and even sexualy assulted don't illegaly get narcotics