Victoria's Christmas List 2015!!!

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Naughty or Nice?

Victoria thinks that this year she has been nice! She has had lots of accomplishments in this year of 2015, and looks forward to more in 2016 in the New Year. Sometimes Victoria can be a moody, awful teenager, but she thinks that overall, she is good :)
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What Does Victoria Want This Christmas?

These are just choices that mommy and daddy can choose from, but the ones labeled with a * are the ones that Victoria wants most!

Let's get on With the List!

I think I want to wait until the iPhone seven comes out to get a new phone :)


These are so cute and can be useful with sweaters! These aren't the only uggs though, so if there are any other ones that are cute, or less expensive, those are cool too :)
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This is useful. This model is cool!
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*Beats Pill!*

This is good for listening to music wirelessly and I can add it to my beats collection!
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I like pbteen :)
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A Phone Printer!

This is cool


These are cool
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Kendra Scott

These are cute

Ivivva/ Lululemon Athletic wear

Necessities for ballerinas
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