Vote For Domitian

A Vote For Domitian Is A Vote For God

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Success and Leadership

  • Extended the Colosseum seating by adding another tier.
  • Added he Hypogeum which is a vast network of rooms, cells, and tunnels under the Roman Colosseum.
  • Took throne before his brother died to help his people as soon as he could.
  • Fought for peace and stability.
  • Restored the guttered ruins of many public buildings and the capital which he had burned in 80 C.E.
  • He sent messages to generals with advice and recommendations.
  • He tried forbidding the practice of homosexuality, so the Roman empire could grow.
  • For Womens Rights.
  • He interacts with his people by participating in chariot races.
  • He also founded a festival of music, sportsmanship and gymnastics held five years to entertain the public.