The Weekly Roar

October 9, 2017

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Progress Reports Are Now Available:

Beginning the 2017 school year, NBISD will be sending Interim Progress Reports (IPR) and Report Cards electronically. As a parent, there is no setup required to begin using the electronic version of IPRs/Report Cards for txConnect Parent Portal. All txConnect accounts will receive the electronic copy of the IPR or Report Card for all students attached to the account. When the electronic IPR and Report Card are posted during the grading cycle, the parent will receive an email notification that the IPR or Report Card for the grading cycle are being posted.

A sample of the email notification is below:

Date: September 25, 2017 at 8:00:00 AM CDT
Subject: Student Report Cards (001 000025)

Report Cards for your student(s) at RYDELL HIGH SCHOOL are being generated and should be available in txConnect shortly.

To log into txConnect, Click on the link below:


When a parent signs into txConnect, the document may be viewed on the Summary page. Below is an image of the Summary screen and where the electronic file will be located to click on and view. When the parent clicks on the icon, a PDF document will open for the parent to view. Parents can save or print the PDF file as needed.


5th Grade Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-up

Click on the link below or scan the QR code to sign up for a conference time, or use your child's agenda. I taped a QR code in each of my student's agendas last week and you can scan them right from there. You will be meeting with both Mrs. Schluter and myself, together, so you only need to sign up for one time. We look forward to seeing you!

Our Week Coming Up At A Glance:


  • Spelling words: (More Vowel + /r/ Sounds): earth, peer, twirl, burnt, smear, further, appear, worthwhile, nerve, pier, squirm, weary, alert, murmur, thirsty, reverse, worship, career, research, volunteer Challenge: yearn, engineer, interpret, dreary, external
  • QUIZ: Friday, October 13, 2017
  • We will be working on properly using Apostrophes in contractions, to show possession, and plurals.


  • TEST-Tuesday, October 10, 29, 2017: We will be taking a reading assessment.
  • QUIZ-Reading Vocabulary/Phrases-Friday, October 13, 2017
  • Vocabulary Words/Phrases: textual evidence, understanding, compare and contrast, graphics, organizational pattern, cause and effect, genre, overview, sequential order, text features
  • We will be working on understanding characters and the roles they play, how they help a story progress, and the conflicts that arise.
  • We will continue to work on summarizing using GIST and checking our comprehension by using Author’s Portrait.
  • We will continue to practice our choral reading. This is a great way to help with fluency. We read a paragraph together out loud as a class at a pace that I set. The more we practice this, the faster we will get and the more fluent we will become.
  • Your child should continue reading or be read to nightly for 20 minutes and then getting their reading log initialed.
  • We are officially beginning our novel study over Bud, Not Buddy! Last week we worked hard on learning several of our sign posts from, Notice and Note, and I can't wait for the kids to start applying them as we read through our novel!

Social Studies:

  • This week we are working on the early settlements, Roanoke, Jamestown and Plymouth. The kids will be working in groups to make “billboards” advertising as to why people should move to their settlement. They will need to include a catchy slogan, list facts, have an illustration and then write and perform a song, poem or rap. They will be presenting in groups on October 13, 2017. (Depending on time, this date could be pushed out) They are welcome to bring any materials they want to decorate their billboards. Poster boards, markers, colored pencils crayons, paint, glue will be provided for them.

District Policy For Late Homework

Beginning Monday, October 23, 2017, Mrs. Schuluter and I will be following the district policy for homework turn in. You will find a screen shot of the district handbook here, from page 29. I have also supplied the link to the district handbook, below. Please take a few minutes to review, and note the percentage that will be deducted each day, and on the 4th day, that assignment will no longer be accepted and a zero will be given in the gradebook.

From The Seele Office:

National Lunch with your Parents is Wednesday, Oct. 11th, please make sure to sign up for lunch using the online form sent by School Messenger. Parent’s lunch cost is $3.50.

From PTA: Let’s get together for a Family Dance Night, Thursday, October 26th at 6:00 pm in the cafeteria.

Seele Stampede Walkathon

Seele Elementary School’s PTA Fundraiser will be Friday, November 3rd

First Club Day Is This Friday!

Friday, October 13, 2017, Our lunch times will be as follows, Ferrier: 11:50-12:20, Schluter: 11:55-12:25. This is the first day of clubs and we will be following a different schedule.

How Can Your Student Practice At Home?

I have uploaded our spelling and reading vocabulary words to Quizlet. The kids know their username and password. I had them write this information in the very front of their agendas, but just in case, it is: Username: meunicorn2016 password: unicorn5. They can log on and do flash cards and play games to study. This is a great site and can be accessed from your PC, MAC, iPad, smart phone, etc. This is a great tool for studying, and it’s FUN! Your student can also log onto,, to work on their reading. They know their password and username for this site as well. These usernames and passwords are user specific. This is a great tool to help them improve their reading, plus it provides data for you and I so that we can monitor the progress of your student.

Dates To Remember:

Wednesday, October 11th: National Lunch With Your Parents Day

Wednesday, October 11th: Seele PTA Meeting 1:30pm

Friday, October 13th: Unicorns vs Steel (away) GO BLUE!

Monday, October 16th: 5th Grade Going To The Symphony :)

Friday, October 20th: End of the 1st 9 weeks

Tuesday, October 24th: Picture re-takes

Wednesday, October 25th: Unity Day! Wear ORANGE! :)

Wednesday, October 25th-Friday, October 27th: Early Release (1:15pm) - Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thursday, October 26th: Family Dance Night (Monster Mash)- 6:00-7:30pm - Cafeteria

Tuesday, October 31st: Reflections competition entries are due.

Friday, November 3rd: Seele Stampede Walk-a-thon! Will be held during specials. Come on out and walk with your student! 5th Grade specials time is, 1:45-2:30!

Wednesday, November 8th: Seele PTA Meeting - 1:30pm

Friday, November 10th: Veteran's Day Program!

If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me. or 830-627-6779.

Always With A Roar,

Ms Ferrier