Crazy Love

By: Francis Chan // Moriah Mattix


In this book, it talks about God's love for us and how it is so much more than what today's Christians believe it is.

This quote below shows how saying you are a Christ follower can be completely different from acting like one.

"True faith manifests itself through our actions" pg. 95

This book by Francis Chan, is a book that makes you rethink your faith and if you are really all in, would you sacrifice everything for the one true Holy God.

"The thought of a person calling himself a "Christian" without being a devoted Christ follower is absurd" pg. 85

There is no plot, setting, characters, etc. because it uses the Bible as a basis for this book and is more focused on helping the reader become a better Christ follower.

Publishing & Author

Publisher: David C. Cook

Year Published: 2008

About Francis Chan:

Francis Chan is a former pastor of Cornerstone Church in Californa and now travels around the world preaching. Chan has four kids and has completely dedicated his life to God. HIs passion is clear through his books and his sermons.

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Star Rating: 4 out of 5

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Genre : Christian Literature


My name is Moriah M, and I am fifteen. I go to CamTech High School and am in tenth grade. I enjoy reading Christian Literature books and books that challenge my faith. Crazy Love was one of the first Christian Literature books I read and really enjoyed it. I hope to read more in the future as my love for reading grows.

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