Software Engineer

By Maxwell Schmitt 3rd hour.

"Making software to reach your needs!"

10 facts about being a software engineer!

• Develop computer software systems.

• Earn $73,310 to $79,090 a year.

• You must maintain a bachelors degree or higher.

• Software engineers may work overtime if needed.

• Software engineers usually work over 40 hours a week.

• Software engineers work in offices and computer labs for computer manufacturing companies.

• If you advance in being a software engineer, you will be able to advance in better jobs or make your own business.

• They must be able to estimate the time and the expense of developing a particular program or system.

• They must be available during the development of new products to help resolve programming problems.

• Being a software engineer means you will be taught and learned a lot before you start making programs and software.

Pros & Cons of being a software engineer


• As compared to other jobs and professions, software engineers pay is high.

• You can work from anywhere that is comfortable, all you need is a laptop and Internet connection

• Software engineers learn a lot of things while on the job, things like programming language, software tools etc.


• For this job you usually sit more than you do get up and interact.

• People assume ages matter, everyone thinks if you are older, your learning ability will not perform well.

• 40 hours is a long time for a week, and most of the time you sit at a desk and start making programs.

Pros and cons of University of Wisconsin-Madison

Pros about being a software engineer.

• You earn about $80,000 a year and I like that because that is the average pay for the job.

• Colleges are away from home which means I would have less time to come home and do more studying at college.

• Average GPA would have to be 3.4 so I have to work extra hard to get over a 3.4 GPA.

Cons of being a software engineer.

• Will be working on a computer half of the day.

•The in state tuition Is $29,000 for one year.

•Won't be able to do more than one sport.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Pros on being a software engineer

• In state tuition is $9,430 a year, which is good because it's a low price.

• Football is a sport in the University.

• Average GPA is a 3.1 and that's easier for me to get a degree in the field.

Cons on being a software engineer

• Out of state tuition is $19,620 and that's a high price for college.

• Two hour drive from Green Bay to Milwaukee.

• The college has a low GPA standard which means a lot of students will fill up the classes.

University of Wisconsin-Plattville

Pros of being a software engineer

• The college is a 3 hour drive away from home.

• Football is a sport in the University.

• In state tuition is $7,448 which is a low price for college.

Cons of being a software engineer

• Won't be able to make it home for some holidays because of how far away the drive is.

• Out of state tuition is $15,338 which is a high price for college.

• It's in Wisconsin and not in another state, which I want to be in another state to explore new things in that state while at college.

What I need to do in high school and college to be a software engineer...

High school- The classes you will need to take for this field is Calculus, Computer Programming, Computer Programming, Advanced, Technical Writing, and Trigonometry/Advanced Algebra.

College- Many classes in college you would have to learn are the ones you've taken in high school, you will be advancing in those classes along with certain electives. Just like being knowledgeable in development software such as C, C++ and Java, Advanced Algebra, Specialized Computer Programming, Advanced Technical Writing, and knowing code and specific language for certain programs.

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