Growth Mindset

Failure is an Opportunity to Learn

Growth Mindset - The Lessons

Students read and analyzed various texts, images, and videos about growth and fixed mindsets. As they studied these texts, they noted what lead researcher Carol Dweck discovered about people with growth versus fixed mindset, as well as what various studies claimed about intelligence, specifically how a persons view of intelligence and failure shapes or determines how much that person will actually learn. (See list of texts.)

Growth Mindset - The Projects

As a culminating project, students were able to work in small groups of 2-4 to create a song, conduct an interview, write a test, write and perform a short skit, design an informational pamphlet, create a whiteboard video, or write a persuasive essay to demonstrate their understanding of growth mindset. (See detailed project description .) A major component of this project was the use of technology. Many students worked with iMovie, Prezi, Explain Everything, and Google Docs for the first time with this project - and with amazing results! (Rubrics are available for each project.)

Some of our Amazing Student Productions


A five minute video that defines growth and fixed mindset and discusses how students can develop a growth mindset. Produced by Lisa G, Melanie P, Evelin M. and Evelin G.

These students used the Explain Everything app to create a video presentation with embedded video clips to illustrate what they learned about growth mindset. The students not only had to demonstrate what they learned about the value of growth mindset, they also had to learn how to trim a YouTube video and embed that clip into their presentation. (We are still learning how to share products produced using the Explain Everything app. The best we can do right now is export the presentation as a pdf. We hope to have this glitch figured out soon.) Produced by Viviana B., Keila C., and Patty M.


In this short presentation, students wrote and performed a song about Growth Mindset. One student provided the rhythm by beatboxing, while the two other students took turns rapping the lyrics. Written and performed by Marcos H.
Some of our groups were a little camera shy, even though they performed their song live in front of the class! Here are the original lyrics about growth mindset! Song written and performed by Nathan T., Argyl S., Almario H., and Dave B.

Another student, working alone, developed his lyrics set to the tune of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. Playing the instrumental version of the hit song in the background, he sang his growth mindset lyrics, doing a great job of describing just how a student with growth mindset behaves in class.


Students used iMovie to interview teachers, staff, and fellow students about growth mindset and failure. Students then edited the video to splice the responses together and provided closed captioning to help viewers better understand participant responses. Questions developed and interviews filmed and edited by Val F., Karl C., Sofhia C., and Joyce M.


Skits had to be at least two minutes long and explore some aspect of growth mindset. In this skit, writers and actors developed the realistic scenario of students struggling with a school test. Using humor and a narrator with a talent for timing and delivery, the group defined and explained the benefit of growth mindset. The video is currently being held hostage on an iPad, however, you may read the script here.


After the projects were completed, students were directed to reflect on the process of working in small groups, using technology, and what they learned about themselves as a result of this assignment. Below are some student responses.

"I learned that before and during presentations I get very nervous and next time should use the microphone. I also learned that if I'm in a group with my friends I will be able to handle it because we will still get our work done and stay on task." Viviana B.

"While working on this project one success that I experienced was actually presenting [the project] because honestly I am a shy [person], but after this project I gained a little confidence in myself." Kevin B.

"The success we have had in the process of this project is that it brought us closer together. We also got done with a great skit video and our classmates enjoyed it." Alyssa C.

"I had A LOT of fun and I wish I could do this [work on projects] more often!" Marcela E.

"I really like using google docs because it was sort of like a meet up online." Jesus G.

"To be honest I had a love-hate relationship with google docs. I learn different things from this app. In a professional way I learned you must wait for it to load, and that you can see what your teammates are changing which made it easier. On the other hand it really tested my patience, and at times it would say "Error. Can not make changes." At those times I wanted to throw my iPad." Alexis J.

"Think just the fact that we finished the project was a big success, but also making a friendship with Angel and Donnovan was a big victory, whom I didn't even talk to before this project .... I think I learned that I have the potential to become a really great leader, and to know that is a great thing." Rodrigo M.

"While working on the presentation, I experienced that being idle does not help anyone on our team because it does affect everyone and things run slower." Denise M.

"I learned that when I have an idea I shouldn't just shut out all the other ideas I should listen and be flexible, and I also learned that I like acting and next time I will do a skit if we have a project like this again." Alexis N.

"I learned part of me still has a fixed mindset because when I am interested in something, I put in my hardest work to achieve my goal. But, when I'm just too down by my mood to do anything I can't do anything right, because that specific thing has my attention." Shekina S.