Room 3 News

February 5, 2016

Star of the Week!

This week our star enjoyed being the class messenger! She likes the Taylor Swift song Shake It Off! "She treats others the way she wants to be treated" and "she is a hard worker" are some of the compliments her peers shared. She takes gymnastics lessons and someday wants to be a gymnast in the Olympics!
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Martin Luther King Day

Our friend wore the best shirt for the day! Peace and equality were part of Martin Luther King's message!

Writing Stories

Working with a partner while we write gives us someone we can share ideas with, someone who can help with spelling, and someone to encourage us when we reach a tough spot! The team work in our room is wonderful!

Morning Meeting Activity

During Friendship Week we did the Crumpled Paper Activity. Here's how it goes:

Post Blizzard Recess

After the snowfall 2 weeks ago we could not go outside for recess. But we took walks to get fresh air before we returned to the room for inside recess!
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Miss-Matched Day!

It's always fun to get crazy silly! Dressing up on missed-matched day is one we all like to take part in!!

Mokie Monday

This month we learned about tacking up a horse as you prepare to ride it. We also learned how to care for saddles and bridles! Everything was very hands on!

Global Play Day!!

Feb. 3rd was designated as Global Play Day!! It was a ton of fun! The children shared some of their favorite games from home. They did a wonderful job teaching their friends how to play their game. I also taught them the games of hopscotch and marbles! We also played 4 corners as a whole class! It was a great day!!

Welcoming a New Assistant!

This week we welcomed Miss Liz Barbour to our room! She will be working with us for about a month! She did her student teaching in the fall in one of Crozet's 5th grade classes. She is a graduate student at the University of Virginia! It is wonderful having another set of hands! We are so lucky to have her!
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Kid's Quote of the Week!

"Here's is my book order money. Are the books here yet?!"

School News

Feb 8- 100th Day of School- please send in 100 items in the baggie provided

Report Cards go live. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns after you review the report card. If you have trouble accessing the report card or want a paper copy, please contact Mrs. Shifflett or Mrs. Kirby in the office.

Feb 12- Valentine's Day at school- be sure to have a Valentine card for everyone in our class. I will provide a cookie and drink for the children.