Express Talent

"Discover the real you and what you can do". - E.T

Express the inner you

Misson Staement

We want students to Express themselves in every way possible. Having students be open on want they want to do in life is our whole purpose in having a Public/ Performing art school.

Friday's will be the day

On every friday , students HAVE to wear school color shirts. We want students to feel has one and be unified . So having a day to make that happen might help that vision happen.

Bell Schedule , lunch , school hours etc.

School will start at 7 am - 3 pm ( 8 hours).

Each class will be 2 hours each.

Lnchs will be divided by A-D times, this will be listed on your childs schedule for the year.

Vison Statement

"Discover the real you and what you can do". This can help students think about the deeper meaning of thriving to do what they want to do.

Mascot..."Lets go Blue Owls"

We want our students to compete in every way possible. Not just in sports, but academics , and all show cases of your children talents.