Running Low to Flying High

By: Erin Murray

about me

Hay! My name is Rocky. I live hear the rocky mountains and I am Hooking for some flying fun. I am a miniature pony and get halong with almost everyone I meet. Hay, I like to run ahround and go fast. If you are willing to keep up with me that would be ashum. I Know that since I am a mammal that you think that I can not have eggs, well hen you have not figured it out yet. I love birds. If you are a feathery hun then I would love to meet hou.

I am looking for Homeon that is full of feathers and Loves to Hum, has two legs, and can fly really fast. I do not care what color you are I just want to feel like you are there for me. If you can do that for me I Hould Hove to meet Hou.


Rocky the soon flying horse

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