Productive Work Habits & Attitude

By: Victoria Meddaugh

Work Habits

  • Educators needs to always show good service to their students.
  • Acknowledge their students when they're asking something or speaking
  • take a learners consideration at hand
  • Respect the learners like how the learners would respect the educators
  • Respond to angry learners always in a polite manor
  • Educators must always be on time! How can they teach a class, if they aren't there?
  • Also satisfy the learners needs
  • Always use high quality work, and teach in a high quality manor
  • Also be reliable. Learners need to know that their educators should be the first thing to go to
  • Communicate properly by the words an educator should use, proper body language, and the actions of an educator must be presentable and appropriate
  • Speak effectively. A learner can't be taught if they don't know what the educator is saying
  • Be calm and honest. Don't ever seem rushed, angry, or mean.
  • Avoid harsh disciple, and orders.
  • Public speaking is a number one thing in an educators work habit. Don't just lecture. Make it fun and entertaining to the audience
  • Try to involve the audience as much as possible
  • Also appear appropriate to work. Never unclean and unorganized.

Work Ethics

  • Be expected to work hard 100% of the time
  • Don't just get 50%, give 100% at the task at hand
  • Educators are expected to persevere through work and not give up
  • Be productive towards work and peers
  • The 3 "dos"
  • Do the work on time and never procrastinate
  • Do the work well. Don't be a slacker
  • Do more then just expected. Go beyond the expectations


  • Take pride in the work you do
  • Be happy, even when you're not
  • Be eager to broaden your horizons
  • Take responsibly for success as well as failures. It's alright!
  • Also look like you woke up on the right side of the bed ( enthusiastic, happy)

Why be positive?

  • Makes the job that more fun
  • Show a good example for other employes
  • Look good in front of your boss
  • More energetic
  • Excited to go to work