The HCES times

written By: Ben Kirbo

Landon Stripling

Today I am interviewing Landon Stripling a soccer player on the Strikers who is an amazing soccer player and has been to the Olympics. He is also a very good team player. Landon what made you start your sport? Ben I like to kick balls.Landon What sport do you play? Ben i play soccer. Landon when were you born? Ben i was born on October 13, 2003. Whats your name? Ben my name is Landon. How many games have you won? Ben i have won every single one of them. From 1 to 10 how much do you love your sport? Ben 10%. What other sport do you like? Ben i like baseball and basketball. London what position do you play? Ben i play center midfield. Landon are you good at being a team player? Yes i am amazing. Landon will you ever quit your sport? No way Ben.