Martin Luther

1450-1750 Tribute


Martin Luther was born into a lower class family in Saxony (southeast Germany) 1483. Though they were lower class Luther was able to obtain several years of education and even graduated with a masters degree in liberal fine arts from the University of Erfurt. His parents dreamed of him becoming a lawyer but all those dreams came to a halt when one day he was stuck in a violent sudden thunderstorm and prayed to a saint "Save me, St. Anne, and I’ll become a monk!". The storm stopped and his future was determined. He gave up everything to become a Monk.



Luther studied as a monk for several years then received the opportunity to be a delegate for a church in Rome. As a delegate he first witnessed the corruption of the Catholic Church. Soon After he returned home to study Christian theology and received a doctorate from the University of Wittenburg. He also became a professor at the University. In 1517 Pope Leo the tenth demanded indulgences(required taxes to the church) and Luther would not allow it. He wrote 95 thesis describing all the wrong doings and corruption of the Catholic Church, he threatened the authority of the Pope and the entire papacy. He received a lot of heat for this even being excommunicated but he continued on. Years later he created a new church named Lutheranism.

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Thousands converted to Lutheranism during the time period and millions are Lutheran today. Luther set forth the era of religious reform. The Catholic Church no longer had complete control with no one to stand in its way. He took the first steps in stopping corruption of the Church and it taking advantage of its followers. He also brought the people closer to the words of God by translating the Bible into German. People no longer had to solely depend on the priests to teach them, they could finally interpret the Bible for themselves.

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Interesting Facts

1. Luther said he didn't even see a bible until he was 20

2. While translating the Bible from Greek to German Luther translated 1500 words a day.

3. He had 8 brothers and sisters but only 4 survived.

4. There were rumors that he was a demon.

5. Luther lived as a wanted man for most of his life.

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