Junk Cars

How to make a junk car!


You can't use anything that has that intended purpose.

You can't cut anything for your car.

What you find is what you use.

only use tape and glue for connections.

Ex. Box car wheels for your wheels

Ex. Like a piece of wood for the base


1. Figure out what you want to use for your car

2. Build you car

3. Race it!

Some of our Winners

Guaranteed to be exiteing and fun

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start building?

Find the materials and make it work.

How do you make your car move?

You use a balloon for a motor.

How would you get it to be more fun?

Get some friends to do it with you and make it a competition.

We are All Racers

No matter if you win or lose if you try you'll beat half the people who are scared to take the challenge.