Fire Saftey

By: Eric Krautkramer and Logan Lom

Risk a lot to save a lot. Risk nothing to save nothing

Why is fire safety important

Fire safety is important because if there is ever a fire people need to know what to do to be safe. Also, so people know how to stay safe and not start a fire. Last, if there is a fire you need to have exits and a place to meet when you are out of the house.
Be Cool About Fire Safety part 1

Fire Stats

More than 3,500 Americans die in fires each year. About 12,600 people are injured in house fires every year. Approximately 7.3 billion dollars are lost due to house fires each year. In 2007 every 150 minutes someone died in a fire and every 30 minutes someone was injured. 80% of fire deaths were caused by house fires.

How to prevent a fire

1. Never leave a stove unattended because that is the number one way fires start.

2. Always keep candles away from droughts or anything flammable.

3. Keep portable heaters away from anything flammable and turn them off when you leave the house.

4. When you go to bed unplug electronics that are not being used.

5. Have correctly rated fuses in all of your electrical appliances.