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Maudie's opinion

She lets Scout , Jem , Dill play in her yard . They are cute she mostly likes to talk to Scout on the porch . Miss Maudie thinks the father is a good lawyer and a good father to his kids ."Atticus Finch is the same in his house as he is on the public street. The neighborhood gossip she can't trust her with anything she says or does . "but after a while no one with a grain of sense thruster Miss Stephanie.The Mrs. & Mr. Radley are foot wash baptist . Arthur Radley was a in door person he was sweet and might be crazy now.

Why has Harper Lee included Miss Maudie as a main character in this novel?

Harper Lee included Maudie as a main character in this novel because she is a responsible women she let the boys play but took care of her things. She also got along with scout because she was the only girl for they can have girl time and have trust between them two.

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Is Maudie a bad person

I don't think so. Nobody is perfect but we all have our responsibility and reasons