Wind Energy

by: Hannah and Ashley


Wind energy is done by using a large wind turbine consisting of propellers. The turbine is connected to a generator for generating electricity. As wind passes the turbines, it moves the blades.

Is it Renewable or NonRenewable?

  • Wind energy is a NonRenewable resource.


  • Over 5,000 years ago, ancient Egyptians used wind power to sail their ships on the Nile River
  • American colonists used windmills to grind wheat and corn, pump water, and cut wood.
  • When power lines began to transport electricity to rural areas in the 1930s, local windmills were used less and less.
  • The oil shortages of the 1970s changed ways of energy for the world, and windmills began making more appearances.

Environmental Impact:

  • The glistening blades of windmills are an eyesore to some people.
  • Wind power plants depend on the availability of wind.
  • They have a negative effect on wild populations such as bats.

Major Uses:

  • Wind powered vehicles
  • Wind powered water pumps
  • Electricity powered by wind

3 Reasons to Use Wind Energy:

  1. Offers a workable economical alternative to conventional power plants
  2. Wind is a clean fuel
  3. Wind farms produce no air or water pollution because no fuel is burned

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