Team Dare to Dream

June Monthly Newsletter

Greetings Dreamers!!

It's hard to believe June is here and with it marks my 18th month with Lemongrass Spa. When I began almost a year and a half ago, I remember feeling overwhelmed at times: juggling new consultant training and finding the resources I needed to answer my questions. I invested in samples, business supplies, and put an incredible amount of time into making my initial booking and recruiting calls. At the end of that first month? My total team sales were a whopping $134 and I brought in an income of $28! Impressive? Hardly!

To those who may not have an entrepreneurial mindset, they might start to doubt whether there's truly money to be made in this opportunity. They may feel like they're working and not seeing a return on an investment. But those of us who understand the game know, that running a business is different than being employed.

In business, it takes some effort to get the ball rolling. In fact, the MOST amount of energy you'll invest in your business is often in the beginning when you're trying to get things off the ground or when you're pushing yourself to rise to the next level. However, like you learned in HS, "an object in motion, stays in motion.." and once you're there, maintaining your business takes significantly LESS effort from there on forward.

This month, many of YOU have reaped the rewards from your time and energy invested. We're seeing HUGE increases in personal sales, team sales, and a boom of new leaders rising up through the ranks. Before they know it, they're going to find themselves receiving MORE income than the effort they are putting in. And THAT is a great place to be!!

No matter where you are in your journey, know that your efforts and attention will pay off and the quicker you can get there, the quicker you'll be able to bask in the victory!

Believing in YOU! :)


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2016 National Convention- Let it Grow!! July 21st- July 24th, Tampa, FL

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Have you registered for convention yet?! The early bird deadline is approaching quickly!! Top-notch training, excitement, recognition, and FUN!! :) NOW is the time to start putting away a portion of your earnings so you can save up for this amazing event!

tem Z2200: Register for all four days of events and meals for only $209! BEST VALUE, all events included! Includes Thursday Welcome Reception, Friday breakfast, Leadership Workshop, keynote speaker, gourmet lunch, Awards Ceremony and celebration dinner Friday evening, Saturday Convention Main Event, breakfast and gourmet lunch, free product giveaways, unveiling of new products and catalog for 2016-2017, speakers, training and Spa Shop at the Tarpon Springs facility plus Sunday's training and breakout sessions. Register early and save! On June 15th the price goes to $239.

Item Z2202: Installment Plan for all four days, just $52.50 per payment.
Includes registration for all events and meals on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Use this code to make one of four equal payments of $52.50 (total $210). This is not set up as an automatic subscription; it is up to you to enter this code each time you want to make one of your four equal payments. All four payments need to be made by July 15, 2016 to complete your registration process. We suggest the following payment plan: March 15, April 15, May 15, June 15. Please note, on July 15 at 9 am MT, the price goes up to $239; if all installment payments are not made by this time, the installment price increases to $59.75 per payment. If you need assistance you may make arrangements with Barb Janak at to charge your card on the dates you designate.

For more information about other options or a shorter registration stay, see the download section in the Virtual Office.

May Recognition

Who's new to the team?

I'm so excited to welcome these newest members to our team! We're so glad to have you with us!! A big congratulations to their sponsoring uplines too! :)

Sponsored by:

Mara DeSilva

-Anne Manos, Suffern, NY

Samantha LeMay, Mechanicville, NY

-Alexandria Gould, Latham, NY

-Jessie Gould, Troy, NY

Anne Manos

-Melissa Phillips, New Rochelle, NY

Stephanie Pope

-Sharon Bielby, Rome, NY

Jewell Talmadge

-Breia Ledbetter, Fort Campbell, KY

-Traci Bracey, Raeford, NC

Crystal Woodworth

-Danielle June, Watertown, NY

Erin Prendergast

-Rebekah Dessingue, Cohoes, NY

Rebekah Dessingue

-Kimberly Krizan, Ballston Center, NY

Melisa Bentley

-Nicole Reidel, Amsterdam, NY

Carrie Rourke

-Melanie Young, Albany, NY

Heather Smith

-Melanie LaPorte, Austin, TX

Rachael Smith Clodgo

-Stacy Farrell, Abingdon, MD

Kathy Dimeo

-Tamara Karrat, Clinton, NY

Latisha Thompson

-Diane LaPrairie- Sayers, Bay City, MI

Nancy Riker

-Cathy Peterfish, Obetz, OH

Alana Scalese

-Deb Johnson- Fargo, ND

-Debbie McKiver- Marietta, GA

Becky Coffield

Gina Dress- West Richland, WA

Wendy Fredrickson

Cynthia Adams- Reynolds, ND

Karen Wikstrom

Lynn Krahn, Wyoming, MN

Julie Simon, Grand Forks, ND

Amber Lindberg, Gallatin Gateway, MT

Coreen Berdhal, Devil's Lake, ND

Roxie Lorenson

Tracy Peterson, Badger, MN

Betsey Sorenson

Rachel Lee, Drayton, ND

Leslie Schwieger

Alisa Jacobson, Baudette, MN

Trista Curry

Amber Eisele, Belmont, WI

Amanda Wilde, Thief River Falls,MN

Amanda Hughes

Kristal Alfonso

Colorado Springs, CO

Alisa Olsen

Jenna Caldwell, Karlstad, MN

Jennifer Jorgenson

Becky Glasser- Thief River Falls, MN

Who's Promoting?

Woot-woot! These ladies will soon be earning additional bonus commissions!! :) Congrats!!

Premier Director

Mara DeSilva

Senior Director

Nancy Riker


Nancy Riker

Crystal Woodworth

Team Leader

Stephanie Pope

Team Leader in Qualification (1st month completed)

Carrie Rourke

Erin Prendergast

Senior Sales Consultant

Senior Sales Consultants earn a one-time $50 product bonus for promoting so make sure to redeem your reward by ordering with code X0032!! :)

Jewell Talmadge

Latisha Thompson

Jen O'Connor

Carrie Rourke

Melisa Bentley

Kathy Dimeo

Betsey Sorenson

You can increase your income by worker smarter NOT harder!!

Become familiar with our simple, generous, and straightforward compensation plan (see below)! Income shown at the top and qualifications at the bottom.

If you have trouble understanding the plan or figuring out what you qualify as, please let me know so I can make sure you are maximizing your potential! :)

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Jump Start Earners

A big congrats to an incredible amount of Jump Start earners this month!!

Third Month of Jump Start ($1,250 or $3,000 cumulative)

-Melisa Bentley

-Jen O'Connor

-Brittany Nelson

Second Month of Jump Start ($1,000 or 1,750 in PV from date of start)

-Kathy Dimeo

-Carrie Rourke

-Brittany Nelson

First Month's Jump Start ($750 in PV from date of start)

-Jewell Talmadge

-Betsey Sorenson

-Emily Lafferty

Lots more names to be featured next month!! Don't forget if you miss your 1st month of Jump Start you can STILL earn the 2nd month!! It's never too late to catch up!

You can redeem your Product bonuses by going to the download section of the VO, clicking on Spring Specials, Flyers, and Promotions, and then finding the Jump Start Codes file or looking at the chart below!.

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Let's Party! January Sales Recognition and Calendar Girl Incentive Winners!

Dare to Dream Organizational Volume $55,668.

Dare to Dream Team Volume $28,848.

Mara DeSilva- Senior Director- $6,267.

Top Three in Sales- Organization

1) Karen Wikstrom- $4,340.

2) Crystal Woodworth- $2,228.

3) Brittany Nelson- $2,201.

Top Five in Sales- Team Dare to Dream

1) Crystal Woodworth- $2,228.

2) Stephanie Pope- $1,641.

3) Kate Szczesney $1,629.

4) Carrie Rourke $1,514

5) Kathy Dimeo $1,418

Top Five in Sales- Team Northern Explosion

1) Brittany Nelson- $2,201.

2) Wendy Fredrickson- $2,004.

3) Alana Scalese- $1,779.

4) Becky Coffield $868

5) Judy Bronson $541

Top Five in Sales- Team Mission Possible

1) Karen Wikstrom- $4,340.

2) Emily Lafferty- $1,551.

3) Jennifer Jorgenson- $1,146.

4) Betsey Sorenson- $1,115.

5) Rebecca Carlson- $925.

Calendar Girls!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our team's Calendar Girls Incentive Program this month!!! I can't wait to announce our newest set of winners!

What is Calendar Girls?

A fun incentive program that offers you chances to win free gifts for contributing towards our teams success!

How do I win prizes?

Everyone who posts their goals and any events they have scheduled for the month is entered to win a prize. If we reach our organizational goal, a large prize will also be raffled off to anyone who was active and participated in the Calendar Girls program by posting their goals and events.

Extra drawings will also be held for those who reach certain sales levels and those who help build our team through recruiting. You MUST post your goals and/or events to be qualified to win these prizes!

Calendar Girls Qualifiers, Booking Booster Kit Earners, and Bonus Commission Earners!

(This portion is for Team Dare to Dream since the Team Northern Explosion Organization does their own Calendar Girls program) :)

Spa Consultants with $2,000+ in Personal Volume (PV)

*Consultants who earned $3,000+ in PV and earned an extra 10% bonus commission

Consultants who have completed their Jump Start are eligible for Booking Booster Kits.

-Crystal Woodworth

Everyone gets a Portable Aromatherapy Diffuser!

Spa Consultants with $1,000-$1,999 in Personal Volume

*Consultants who earned $1,500 and earned an extra 5% bonus commission.

Consultants who have completed their Jump Start are eligible for Booking Booster Kits.

-Alana Scalese*

-Stephanie Pope*

-Kate Szczesney*

-Carrie Rourke*

-Kathy DiMeo

-Melisa Bentley

-Jen O'Connor

-Susan Hoefer

-Nancy Riker

Winner of the Calendar Girls Pair of Lemongrass Towels- Alana Scalese

Spa Consultants with $500-$999 in Personal Volume

-Erin Prendergast

-Stacy Herbage

-Heather Smith

-Jewell Talmadge

-Breia Ledbetter

-Rebekah Dessingue

Winner of the Information Kit of your choice- Stacy Herbage

Winner of the Calendar Girls Bring a Friend Drawing for a Men's Essentials Body Wash- Nancy Riker

Winner of the Participant Prize- Cosmetic Bag- Crystal Woodworth

After your 90 day Jump Start Period is complete, you can earn a "booking bonus kit" for reaching the $1,000, $2,000, or $3,000 Sales levels. These kits include free catalogs, pens, promotional items, samples, etc. Redeem by entering x0038 to your next order!

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May Recruiting Incentive Earners

Congrats to the following women who earned themselves the May Recruiting Incentive! In order to qualify you needed to bring in one new teammate in May AND submit $500 in PV. You can earn one for EACH recruit/$500 you were able to submit.

-Jewell Talmadge

-Crystal Woodworth

-Erin Prendergast

-Melisa Bentley

-Heather Smith

-Rebekah Dessingue

-Kathy DiMeo

-Stephanie Pope

-Carrie Rourke

-Nancy Riker

-Becky Coffield

-Wendy Fredrickson

-Betsey Sorenson

-Jennifer Jorgenson

-Alana Scalese (x2)

-Karen Wikstrom (x4)

-Mara DeSilva (x4)

What's new for June?

What to shoot for in June!

Calendar Girls Incentives!

Post your current party/event dates on our Calendar Girls Calendar, your monthly goal, and be active by the 15th and/or 30th of the month for an entry into a drawing. Hit one of the sales levels listed above ($500, $1,000, or $2,000+) or bring a friend and you'll qualify for bonus prizes too!

Jump Start Rewards!

Keep an eye on your next Jump Start goal! Know what your next sales goal should be to achieve your next level of Jump Start. Divide that by $400 in sales (an average party) and book one more to plan for cancellations/reschedules.

Bring a friend in during your Jump Start and when they sell $300, you'll earn a Bling Tablecloth or a Bling T-shirt AND a $50 product bonus!! $75 in free products for each friend you bring in after!

Super Jump Start- Diamond/Peridot Ring

Earn that gorgeous Super Jump Start ring by reaching $5,000+ in PV during your entire Jump Start Program and bring in four friends to receive this top honor!

Booking Bonuses!

After your 3 month Jump Start program is complete you can earn a Booking Bonus by submitting $1,000, $2,000, or $3,000 in sales in any calendar month.

5% Commission Bonus and 10% Super Bonus (now through August).

$1,500 in sales earns you an extra 5% in commission. $3,000 in sales earns you an extra 10% in commissions!!!

Rookie of the Month

Earn a Peridot Level Bonus by being Rookie of the Month (Top 1-2 in sales from the new consultants in their first period of Jump Start). Shoot for $2,500+ in sales to snag this top honor!!

Leadership Promotions!

Many of you leaders are rapidly working your way up the leadership ladders! To promote to Team Leader, you must have 2 active consultants ($25 each) and combined team sales of $2,000. Directors must have 3 active consultants ($25 each) with Team Sales of $4,000.

**Your own personal goal**!

Setting sales and recruiting goals are the keys to you finding success that works for you! Set a goal, devise a plan to make it happen, and reward yourself for achieving it!

What's coming up in June

June Dates to Remember

Wed., June 1st at 8:30pm EST- Team Rejuvenate Team Tele-training/Webinar with Amanda Herlan

Mon., June 6th at 6:30pm- Team Training Meeting on Essential Oil Mixology at Erin Prendergast's House

Wed., June 8th at 8:30pm EST- New Consultant Training with Amanda Herlan

Tues., June 14th at 9:00pm EST- Director Call (Directors and above) with Jennifer Dusza

Wed., June 15th- Last day to register for convention and get the early bird discount!

Mon., June 20th- Leadership Bootcamp Session #2 via Zoom Training

Wed., June 29th@ 9:00pm EST- Take a Look Call with Team Rejuvenate with a Free Kit Giveaway!

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