Albert Einstein

By:Katelynn Leach

birth & family

Albert Einstein was born on March 14,1879.He was born in Wurtemgerg, Germay . Albert grew up with a secular jewish family. He died on April 18,1955. He grew up with a Sister ,Dad,and Mom.
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Childhood & Education

Albert Einstein used to build little models. He didn't talk until of his t he was 3 year old. His parents thought there was something wrong with him. His teachers thought he was lazy and sloppy. many of his teachers thought he would never be successful at anything.
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College & Career

The college name of his college is called Elementary school. He is a scientist. Albert Einstein came up with a theory of relativity. It is tow theories one is called special relativity the other one is called general relativity. E=mc E means energy M means mass C means the constant speed of light.He made everything possible that we have now.He got a nickname person of the century in 1999 by time magazine.He made the world a better place with his science.He is not finished with his work even when he died.His papers where importent to the world.
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Accomplishments & leadership

He is a world famous scientist. When he was older he made a atomic bomb.He tried to make America a better place to live.
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Why you feel this person is a leader

Because he is a scientist and he made a lot of Accomplishments like a atomic bomb and he came up with the theory of relativity.
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I chose Albert Einstein because he is a famous leader.He first was bad a math but know he is very good at math and he is a really smart man.
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